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 Circumstances of death

 Count the dead!

 Climate change: threat or opportunity for health?

 Biggest ever dataset on causes of death in Africa and Asia

Get in the picture!

 Ambulances in Ethiopia save mothers' lives

 The hard facts: weather kills people in Africa and Asia

 A global view of the Newtown massacre

 No country successfully reducing obesity

 1,000 days to go...

 Why many girls in India simply don't survive...

 The vital next step: integrating climate change into global health monitoring

 Twenty years of public health progress in Vietnam

 7 billion and counting... or not?

 Saving lives, taking risks... and NCDs

 Handling mental health in Africa: biomedical and traditional models

 Mind the gap...

 Why do contraceptives save lives?

 New global consortium against dengue fever

 Born, lived and died - but counted or not?

 Counting HIV/AIDS deaths

 Save us from infographics!

 Coeliac disease is a global problem






Peter Byass posts blogs on a range of global health topics here from time to time.

Peter  is a British scientist, currently Professor of Global Health at Umeå University in northern Sweden, at the Department of Epidemiology and Global Health. His work mainly concerns measuring and evaluating population health in Africa and Asia, specialising in death registration and mortality surveillance. He is Chief Editor of Global Health Action.

Full details of his formal scientific publications can be found on Google Scholar

Some of  the earlier posts here appeared originally on the now discontinued Huffington Post UK Blog pages.

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