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We were delighted to release InterVA-4 in August 2012. It's being widely used around the world, and its final version was 4.04, released on 6th June 2017.

Now, following WHO's development of the WHO 2016 VA standard, we have designed and tested a new version of InterVA, called InterVA-5, which is fully compatible with WHO 2016. At the same time, we have deliberately constructed it so that data either from WHO 2012 or SmartVA tools (which are subsets of the WHO 2016 standard) can be processed, as well as full WHO 2016 datasets.

We believe that InterVA-5 is now the best tool to use for all VA interpretation, but if you have some particular need for one of the earlier models of InterVA on a legacy basis, please contact us.

InterVA-5 version 5.1 (released 9th April 2020) can be downloaded here

The download is a zip file, which should be unpacked into a folder on your computer. One of the files in the download is a user guide in PDF format, called InterVA-5.1 UG, which describes how to use the software and how to format input data.

There's also a lot more information and examples using InterVA-5 in our recent BMC Medicine paper and the Github data repository that accompanies it.


Disclaimer: It is a condition of downloading and using the InterVA-5 software that users take complete responsibility for its use and for any consequences arising. In particular, it should be emphasised that the model is designed to enable the epidemiological interpretation of whole-community mortality data, and should not be applied to investigations of individual deaths.




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